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Sweet Krissy11

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Krissy is on top of a brown couch. She’s wearing a red canadian hat, a pair of black high heels and a tong. She is showing her sexy butt. She’s leaning on the couch. There is a canadian flag in front of her. Her right tit is showing but her nipple is covered. Her glossy lips is pouting. Her long straight hair has almost reached her butt. Her head and tits are in front of the couch. She placed her arms at edge of the couch. There is a white door at the left side. The wall of the room is brown.

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Sweet Krissy10

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The nude babe is kneeling on a pink bed. She has black undies but no bra’s on. She’s showing her big boobs but she covered her nipples with her fingers. She pushed her boobs together. She has belly button piercing and bracelet accessories. She slightly raised her right leg. Her long messy hair has reached her boobs and she placed it on each side. She has sexy curve. The light in the room is yellow. There are white pillows and a black blanket on the bed. There is a white table beside the bed and a white lamp on top of it.

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Sweet Krissy9

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The babe is wearing a baby blue bra’s on but she slightly take it off. She showed her big tits but she is using her fingers to cover her nipples. She lowered down the white strap of the bra and she placed it on her arms. Krissy is sitting on the middle of a white bed with two pillows behind her. She spreads her legs open. She wears a pair of white stocking on. She fixed her straight hair at her right shoulder and it touched her right boob. She has black long hair and reached up to her tummy.

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Sweet Krissy8

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Krissy is standing naked inside a room with yellow lights. She is only wearing a pair of stockings with no clothes and even undies on. She is covering her shaved pussy and big tits with her hands. She raised her right leg and put her left hand on her pussy. She is covering her tit and placed her left hand on her left boob. Her left leg is stepping on the floor. She’s wearing a piercing on her belly button. She has make-up on her face and her pouting lips is glossy with pink lipstick. Her brown messy hair is on her shoulders.

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Sweet Krissy7

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The sweet gril Krissy sits on a grey couch and shows her tits. She pulling her purple shirt upwards and she is using her right hand. She started it in the middle and used her fingers . Her tits are big and we are half way to see her nipples. She is at the edge of the couch and she slightly spreads her legs. She place her left hand behind her and touch the couch. She is showing her tits and sexy body with piercing on her belly-button. She is facing at the left side with eyes open and pouting lips.


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Krissy has black straight hair. She turn her head at the left with eyes and mouth open. She touch a brown chair of where she sits with her left hand. She wears all black sleeveless, stockings, bracelet accessory on her right hand, bra’s and undies on.She take her shirt off, showed her body and tits. She took off her checkered skirt off. She inserted her right hand inside her undies and she touched her own pussy. She widely open her legs. She is stepping on a brown floor.There is a grey couch, a flat-screen T.V and a table behind her.


Sweet Krissy5

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The naughty babe is playing a dildo on a white bed. She is only wearing a green bra and black g-string without even a single clothes on. There is a piercing on her belly-button. Her big tits are touching together and she placed her right hand to her right boob. Krissy’s long hair is placed at each side of her boobs. She slightly open her thighs with her knee on the bed. She is playing a yellow dildo and feeling it on her clit. She wears a black headband. She is biting her glossy pink lips as she face at the left side.


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Krissy is playing a brown dildo with her left hand. She is showing her tongue and put the tip of the dildo on her tongue. She is crossing her legs and touched her right leg with her right hand. Her right leg is on top of her left knee. Her left foot is stepping the brown floor. She’s wearing a black lingerie and stockings. She has necklace accessory and a ring on her middle finger.Krissy is showing her tits. There is a christmass tree, grey couch and a T.V behind her. The wall color of the room is yellow.


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Krissy is kneeling on the floor naked inside a room. She is in front of an open door. She is slightly taking her red undies off. She is showing her back, curves, tits and butt. Her nipples are not showing because it is covered with her body. She turned her face at the left side. Her eyes are open and her pink lips is close.She’s bending over and her hands are on each side. She’s wearing a black pair of high heels. There is a black table behind her and a plant on top of it. There is a bed inside the door.


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Krissy is lying on a white bed in sideways. She has taken her pink bra’s off and put it behind her. She is putting her fingers on top of her nipples and she showed her tits. She is covering her shaved pussy and closed her thighs. She is only wearing a black fishnet stocking and no clothes on. Her right arm is touching the bed and her right arm is sticking on her body. She wears make-up and she pouts her lips with glossy lipstick. There is a brown table behind her and a lamp on top of it. The light and the wall of the room is yellow.